"Part of my mission is to re-acquaint people with their birthright and natural ability to make beautiful and meaningful sound together. Most of the songs I’ve written are short, easy to learn, chant-like songs with several layers that fit over and around each other in interesting and pleasurable rhythmic and harmonic challenges that make them fun to sing. Group singing is one of the most ancient and primal ‘technologies of belonging’ that we humans have been using since our earliest times, possibly before speech itself. When we make joyous and passionate song together, it nourishes our souls and offers an enlivening gift back to the natural world that made us and gives us our sustenance and our very being. When such an exchange is genuinely made, and the song finds its natural ending, often there is a sweet, lively silence in which we simply stand and hold the ‘enchantment,’ the sense of deep and genuine communion."

Laurence Cole

Song Circles

By the time you get to camp we’ll have this year's song circles laid out for you.

Until then, we’re stirring the pot, salting the stew, getting it ready to serve to you.

You know it will be delicious!

Some past Village Fire song circles have been: